Environmental Management

Food, housing, energy, clothing, electronics, transportation, medicines, military hardware – all
require metals and minerals. And that requires mining.

Mining these resources can be done with minimal environmental impact. Improving mining processes, while important, is only part of the solution. Wastewater must be scrubbed of potentially hazardous materials before discharge into the environment. Valuable minerals and metals must be removed and recovered from recycled solid wastes and reclaimed water.


Abandoned mining operations represent a significant environmental concern for local, state and federal governments – an issue made more challenging because of a typical site’s remote location and lack of accessible power.

Periodic Products’ Chelok® polymers offer passive treatment and present an economical way to minimize resource waste. Valuable metals and minerals can be easily captured from process wastewater and recycled solids. Additionally, treatment of abandoned mine discharge with Chelok polymers effectively prevents contamination of surface and ground waters by these wastes.

Abandoned Mine Management

Municipal Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment