Super Start-Up Sequester

Super Start-Up Sequester is the most powerful pool start-up sequestering agent on the market. Formulated to treat 20,000 gallons. Super Start-Up reduces plaster dust and brushing, sequesters high levels of stain-causing metals, prevents scale, helps balance pH and clarify the pool water.

Super Start-Up is the product of a two-year development between plaster and pool finish expert Greg Garrett and chemical science authority Dr. Joe Laurino of Periodic Products. Super Start-Up is designed to make your pool start-up fast by  simplifying pool chemistry and making pool water brilliant.

Super Start-Up Metal Sequester

Why Use Super Start-Up?

Following a new pool start-up or pool resurfacing, it is important to use a sequestering agent (or “metal control”) to hold the metals in suspension and protect your new pool surface. Super Start-Up provides the most sequestering power of any brand. It’s easy to use, saves time and money, and is phosphate-free. When used with CuLator Ultra 4.0 , Super Start-Up gives you sparkling, metal-free water and stain-free plaster surfaces.  Super Start-Up is safe to use with all swimming pool surfaces including plaster, pebble, vinyl, and fiberglass.

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Super Start-Up Metal Sequester

Super Start-Up


Super Start-Up is the most powerful sequestering agent for swimming pool start-ups.  Designed to treat 20,000 gallons, reduce plaster dust, sequester metals, and make pool water brilliant.