Chelok® Metal Chelation 

Chelok® is Periodic Products’ patented series of chelating polymers. The result of more than two decades of biochemical research and development, Chelok polymers  rapidly, permanently, and cost effectively remove, extract and eliminate metals from water, soil and ash.

Further, the recovered metals in this process can be recycled and reused, providing additional economic and environmental benefits.

14 United States and more than 45 international patents covering this technology have been granted to date. Additionally, the Company has three United States patents and one Canadian patent on supravital fluorescence technology for the determination of biological contaminants in fluids and solids.

Periodic Products’ Chelok polymers are the world’s only highly efficient water-insoluble binders of heavy metals. The flexibility of these novel polymer compounds allows for enhanced and cost-effective technological solutions across a broad spectrum of industries. These patented compounds provide significant benefits:

  • Efficiently removing toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the world’s water supply.
  • Improving the recovery of mined precious metals from process waste streams.
  • Cost-effectively isolating and recovering rare earth elements and other critical metals from waste products such as coal ash, acidic coal mine drainage, bauxite residue (red mud), phosphogypsum, and other waste products associated with the production of phosphate-based fertilizers.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of industrial operations.
  • Performing as a superior biodegradable polycarbonate resin to produce countless plastic consumer products, potentially eliminating non-biodegradable plastic waste.
Chelok® Polymers Bind Metals for Extraction and Recovery

Chelok polymers are able to bind and extract the elements highlighted in the table below. More elements are being added as additional research is completed.