MetaSorb UHC

Specially designed with marine aquarium fishkeeping expert Julian Sprung of Two Little Fishies, Metasorb UHC is the solution for large commercial aquariums and marine environments. Metasorb UHC removes metals like iron, copper, cobalt, and lead from water – keeping aquatic life safe from toxic metal contaminants

Why Use MetaSorb?

Excess heavy metal in water is toxic to aquatic life. Metals may come from multiple places including the water source, foods, artificial seawater mixes, therapeutic treatments, corroding pumps, magnets and other metal equipment. When these heavy metals reach a toxic threshold, various ailments in fishes, corals and other invertebrates may occur.

MetaSorb UHC is made with patented high-capacity polymers developed for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund Program. Insoluble in water and nontoxic, these polymers rapidly bind and permanently remove metals from fresh and saltwater to restore water quality.

MetaSorb Changes Colors Showing the Removed Metals!

Every package of MetaSorb includes a color chart to identify which metals have been removed from the water. Simply hold a used bag of MetaSorb up to the light and look through the bag to note the color. MetaSorb polymers change color depending on the metal – so, for example, if you see a slight yellow color, you have removed iron; if it’s a slight blue color, then copper has been removed.

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MetaSorb UHC is available through an exclusive licensing arrangement with Two Little Fishes, a major developer of aquarium, reef aquarium, aquarist hobby and aquaculture products.

MetaSorb UHC


MetaSorb UHC is a fine powder packaged in a small cloth media bag that is easy to place in any area where high volume water flow will contact the polymer. Simply place the bag in any canister filter, hang on the back power filter, or place in the flow through section of any sump or filter chamber. After a few days, MetaSorb UHC can be removed and discarded. For pre-treating new water or newly mixed artificial seawater. MetaSorb UHC may be reused several times.