Mega Maintain Sequestering Agent

Mega Maintain Metal, Stain & Scale Control uses advanced chemistry to suspend (sequester) high levels of metals in pool water without using phosphates (phosphonic acid). Mega Maintain’s powerful formula prevents water discoloration, scale, and staining on pool surfaces.  Mega Maintain can be used with all swimming pool surfaces.

Pair with CuLator Metal Eliminator for increased protection against water discoloration and metal stains


Iron and Rust Pool Stain Remover Bundle

How is Mega Maintain More Effective than Other Products?

One quart of Mega Maintain treats 20,000 gallons and can be used in chorine or saltwater pools. It controls metals like rust, iron, copper,  manganese, and calcium (which causes scale). Mega Maintain uses a secondary buffering system to help control pH and maintain crystal-clear water. 

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Iron and Rust Pool Stain Remover Bundle

Mega Maintain Metal Stain and Scale Control – Sequester


Mega Maintain, Stain & Scale Control is a powerful sequestering agent with advanced chemistry to keep more metals suspended in the water longer.  Prevents staining on pool surfaces and water discoloration.