FillFast Pool and Spa Pre-Filters

FillFast™ Pool & Spa Metal Remover and Water Pre-Filter is the only system that removes high levels of stain-causing oxidized and ionic metals, like rust, iron, copper, cobalt, silver, nickel, aluminum, and lead, from pool and spa water at high flow rates. FillFast comes in two sizes including a two sump system and a four sump system.

FillFast Premier is a two sump/single hose filtration system with a stainless steel stand. FillFast Premier uses a single hose and one Carbon Filter plus one Patented CuLator Filter to remove and trap metals before they enter your swimming pool.  Each set of filters treats 20,000-40,000 gallons of water (depending on water quality). FillFast Premier can be used to filter all types of source water including well water. Just replace with FillFast Premier Replacement Filters


FillFast Professional is a four sump/2 hose system which combines two Carbon Filters plus two patented CuLator® Filters in one unit.  FillFast traps and removes metals before they get into your swimming pool. FillFast helps prevent staining when filling for the first time, when adding make-up water, or when adding water after a resurface. FillFast Pro Pool & Spa gives the option of using with a single garden hose or two garden hoses.  FillFast Pro treats 40,000-80,000 gallons of source water (depending on water quality). FillFast Pro can be used to filter municipal water or well water. Simply replace with FillFast Pro Replacement Filters.

FillFast is Easy to Use!

Simply attach the FillFast Pre-Filter to your garden hose and run the water through the two dual filter systems for clean and clear pool water. The CuLator® Filter is the only filter that removes ionized stain-causing metals like rust, iron, copper, manganese, cobalt and lead.   Easy filter replacement. Simplify filling a pool and get metal free and stain free pool water every time!

If you are a pool professional, learn more about the FillFast Professional Pre-Fill System.

Filters Change Colors Showing the Removed Metals!

The CuLator/MetalXtract polymers change color depending on the metal, showing you what metals are being removed from your water. If there is a slight yellow color, then you have removed iron.  If there is a slight blue color, then you have removed copper.  Not all metals show color change, but most do.

Have an RV or Boat? We have a Fillfast for you!

Discover Our FillFast Pool and Spa Line of Products

FillFast Professional


FillFast Professional –Metal Remover and Water Pre-Filter System uses Carbon Filters and patented CuLator Metal Eliminator Filters  to remove sediment, organics, combined chlorine, and stain-causing metals from pool and spa fill water.  FillFast Pro treats up to 40,000 gallons of source water for your  pool.

FillFast Marine Metal Remover + Water Pre-Filter System with Patented Chelok Filter

FillFast Premier


FillFast Pool and Spa PREMIER uses a patented CuLator filter with a carbon filter to remove all the iron, rust and metals before they get into your swimming pool.  Included: stainless steel stand and fittings. Pre-filters 10,000 – 20,000 gallons of water–even well water.  Easy to use and filters are easy to replace.

FillFast Pool and Spa Replacement Filters (Professional)

FillFast Replacement Filters


FillFast Pool and Spa replacement filters for FillFast Professional include two Carbon Filters and two patented CuLator filters.  

The FillFast Premier filter replacements include one Carbon Filter and one CuLator Filter.