Due to the inherent inefficiencies in mining extraction processes, not all of the desired mined
minerals and metals are able to be captured. This results in resource waste, which is often deposited into wet fields, waste piles, and storage ponds. These occupy useful land, are commonly a source of environmental pollution, and can potentially contaminate vast acreage upon a catastrophic dam collapse or containment breach.

Periodic Products’ patented Chelok® polymers have been shown to capture high levels of rare earth and other metals from waste products produced from phosphogypsum (fertilizer production), bauxite residue (aluminum mining), coal ash (electric utilities), and Marcellus Shale drill cuttings (natural gas industry).  When utilizing the Chelok Polymer Technology, resource waste is significantly reduced, and the need for waste containment sites is diminished or eliminated.

Metal Recovery

Rare Earth Elements Recovery and Reuse