Pool Start-Up Kit for a Metal-Free and Stain-Free Pool


The Start-Up Kit for swimming pools provides comprehensive protection for new or remodeled pool surfaces, preventing stains and metal buildup. It includes SUPER START-UP SEQUESTER and CuLATOR ULTRA 4.0 to sequester metals, reduce plaster dust, and prevent scale. Safe for various finishes, it also balances pool water and enhances clarity, ensuring a beautiful and stain-free pool.

Periodic Products’ new Pool Start-Up Kit simplifies the process of starting up your swimming pool and spa, particularly for brand new pools or those that have been resurfaced. By preventing metals from entering the water and potentially damaging the plaster surface, it ensures a smooth start. The kit also safeguards against pool water discoloration when chlorine shock is added. It combines the effectiveness of Super Start-Up Sequestering to keep metals suspended with the CuLator Ultra 4.0, which eliminates metals from the water, preventing staining and undesirable color changes. Compatible with all pool surfaces including plaster, gunite, pebble, vinyl, and fiberglass, the Start-Up Kit is safe and phosphate-free. Proudly made in the USA, it offers reliability and ease of use for pool owners.


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