Pool Start-Up Kit for a Metal-Free and Stain-Free Pool



The Start-Up Kit for swimming pools gives you the security of knowing your new pool or remodeled pool surface will remain stain-free and metal-free.  The kit includes one quart of Periodic Products SUPER START-UP SEQUESTER and a CuLATOR ULTRA 4.0.  Together, these powerful products sequester metals, reduce plaster dust and prevent scale.  Safe for gunite, pebble, and plaster finishes (even dark finishes).  Also helps balance pool water and sparkle up the water.  The CuLator Ultra 4.0 is the “insurance” which keeps your pool metal-free and stain-free.  When you start up your new swimming pool or resurfaced pool with the START-UP KIT, you will protect your swimming pool from metal stains and water discoloration and keep your pool looking beautiful.

New Pool Surface Start-Up Kit

Periodic Products new Pool Start-Up Kit makes starting up your swimming pool and spa easy.  When filling your brand new swimming pool, or a pool which has been resurfaced, it is important to keep metals from getting into the water and ruining your plaster surface.    Pool Start-Up also prevents the pool water from turning colors when you add chlorine shock.

The Start-Up Kit combines the power of Super Start-Up Sequestering to keep metals suspended in the water and a CuLator Ultra 4.0.  The CuLator Ultra 4.0 eliminates the metals from the water and prevents staining and pool water turning green or swimming pool water turning brown.  It even prevents swimming pool water from turning a black purple color.

Start-Up Kit is safe to use on all pool surfaces including plaster, gunite, pebble,  vinyl, and fiberglass.

Start-Up Kit is phosphate free and is made in the USA.


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